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Poetry Main
That would be this page, in which case what you see is in fact what you get.
This is the poetry that attempts to deal with thoughts and feelings.
The World
This poetry is about less personal topics . . . the weather, for instance.
Magic is undeniably real, for the right definition of magic, or of reality. This poetry was generally written with my Sense of Wonder in gear.
I have spent a lot of time in online social environments. A mixture of serious and silly, this section contains the poems that discuss computers and the Internet.
This poetry was written for or about the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that re-creates the middle ages and renaissance.
Bookwyrm, despite some holding a belief to the contrary, is not silly. These poems are, however, generally playful things.
Never Mind
In the spirit of completeness, I have included this section of poetry that has out-lived its usefulness. It was generally written for people, times, and places of which you know nothing; I don't recommend this section. Main
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