This doll (fully clothed, with a tatty wig) was purchased at a Dollarama dollar store. According to the box, it is a 6" tall collectable porcelain doll and was made in China for Dollarama.

front view of dollside view of dollback view of doll

The box suggests that the doll is not suitable for children up to eight years old, but I would tend to discount that. It is made in five pieces (Head and body form one) and strung together with elastic. Under the cardboard in the photo is a crown opening, so it would be a simple matter to restring the doll with something more period. (Hemp twine that the craft stores sell for bracelets?)

I have heard of period porcelain dolls, and of jointed wooden dolls, and even a Greek jointed terracotta doll, but I am no expert. I would appeciate it if somebody could suggest whether or not this doll would be a reasonable fit with the current middle ages in general, or more specifically with the fifteenth century in England.